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  1. Review: Voice Buddy 2.0

    Thanks, MadJeff. You will really enjoy Voice Buddy. It was a pleasure to fly it in FS2004 and we are chomping at the bit to give it a go in Pacific Fighter & Lock On. So far the reviews from the public, and the reviews for that matter, are highly positive. I think eDimensional really hit a winner with this one. Also note that I updated our frontpage for easier access to the review. Its a brand new site and I am still playing with it to learn all the particulars on how to get the database to do what I want!
  2. This is a quick post to let everyone know that we just posted our review for eDimensional's new Voice Buddy 2.0 software. Take a look and see what you think of the new technology they are developing. www.virtualflightproductions.com Note: There is a version of Voice Buddy available for Lock On, IL-2/FB/AEP, FS2002, FS2004, and many other titles.
  3. TrackIR3 Pro Background / Comparison

    There is a huge difference between the TIR1 and the TIR3. However, if it aint broke, dont fix it. If you are running strong with that and like it, then stick with it. ;)
  4. Follow the link to a review I did on the TrackIR3 Pro about a month ago. The first part is a little background on the TrackIR system and how it works. The second part is a comparison between the TrackIR2 and TrackIR3. I hope you find it interesting. http://www.virtualflightproductions.com/re...ckir3review.htm
  5. Can anyone confirm if this is any good? Does it take the graphics quality down? Significant boost of Frame Rates? thanks!
  6. ckout: Yours worked fine for me. Thanks for the ref. Matt posted instructions on the official forum on how to get your keycard from UBI. You either have to call them long distance or send a web-email to them.
  7. No problem. I don't beleive in "leaving people hanging" so I am always trying to dig up the "real" word on what is going on and get it out to everyone. Another fix is to leave the TrackIR running and center it. Once you hit center, use the mouse to move the view up to the center of the hud. Then contoinue flying. This works pretty good for me as well.
  8. There are instructions posted by Matt on the General Forum at www.lo-mac.com
  9. We are working on getting ourselves into a position to ensure something like this never happens again. I beleive NP is making a patch to fix this issue, but know nothing officially.
  10. Well, although I have not gotten a 100% solid confirm that this problem exists, I will post the fixes. MCG_Rattlesnake has posted that it is confirmed by beta testers to be an issue and the patch will be out soon to fix it. So, that being said, I would assume, although I have not confirmed it myself in the final version, thet this exists. When you press the center button for the TrackIR, the view auto centers to the lower instrument panel. On one computer, it will center dirctly between the pilots knees. On another computer, it centers on the pilots left knee. So, it seems to either be system dependant or on some other factor. Two ways to fix this. 1. Center the TrackIR. Where ever it centers to, look at that spot with your head and center it again. When you look back to center with your head, your view will follow and will be reasonably close. You will have to play with it a bit to make it work perfectly. 2. Center the TrackIR when you are looking straight ahead where your center head position is and then, WITHOUT MOVING YOUR HEAD, quickly hit the pause button to pause the TrackIR. Then use your POV hat to center your view where you want it. Then, unpause the TrackIR and go about blowing stuff up. Lets hope that the problem doesn't exist, but if it does, here are the fixes until an official patch is released.
  11. I have 443% I agree with Mudd. Their setting are WAY off. It is basing everything off of the minimum UBI set. I got a 443% with a GF3 card. 443% at the minimum settings in game maybe. Oh, and run Adaware after you do this as I got some nice spyware from it.
  12. Trackir 2 Review : Now Online

    Greetings. We finished up our review of the TrackIR 2 this afternoon and I just got it uploaded to our server. If you are a TrackIR user or interested in purchasing a TrackIR, I recommend you read this review. There are screenshots of the new Version 3.00 software in the review, as well as pictures I have taken of the new unit. They show the new LED, the case glow feature, and the new metal stand. TrackIR 2 Review : Virtual Flight Productions Enjoy. The Virtual Flight Productions Staff
  13. Yeah, I can only imagine. What is REALLY strange is what the ground crew finds in the plane. One of those "Now how in the hell did THAT get in there?" kind of things.
  14. Yeah, its no tlike the 20 minutes of glory you see on Top Gun. We sent planes over the beach at 2300 and didnt welcome them back till around 0700. Imagine flying a mission over Afghanistan for 8 hours just to have to make a cat trap at the end of it. Mudd, the way your talking, I bet your jet is like Charlie Sheens in "Hot Shots". Mudd: "Now, where did I put that darn cracker.... oh I know" <rolls inverted : Looks up at canopy> "Hey, there it is. Hey, wait, I knew I brought that banana with me last week. Ill be darned!!"
  15. The only problem is the $15 for shipping. Total is $45.99 for US buyers through pay pal. That is a bit rough seeing as how the game is only going to cost $39.99.

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