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Is There A Way To Reinstall Stock Aircraft?

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Before I begin explaining the problem, I KNOW I should have made a backup file, but I didn't. That having been said, here is the problem.


I tried adding a file to the Beechcraft KingAir 350 but I messed things up.


Is there a way to reinstall that aircraft without doing a complete uninstall/reinstall?


I got frustrated and deleted that aircraft's directory, so I need the complete file. I know the files are on disc 1, but not sure which ones I need.


Please, anyone!



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Guest MrMudd

just reinstall. I Had to do the same. I think it even asked if it wished me to modify the broken files.


either way. by reinstalling it will only replace the original files. and leave your addons in place.

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You guys: :blink: you take the cake at times. :ph34r: :blink: No need to reinstall anything, Search your disk in'explore' -- the installation disk I mean, extract the cab zip to hard disk, copy your King Air or your aircraft that is missing and paste it into your a/c folder and then delete the temporarily extracted cab files or save them CD for a future misfortune of similar type.


:o :) Pete, check your King Air folder-- you probably need a new aircraft.cfg and a new King Air. air file-- I can send those by email. If you sound folder and panel folder are full , it must be the a/c.cfg file and the xx.air file that got hurt.

Read Grumpy's help files on all this to learn how to manipulate your a/c, at simviation.com.


Email me for any help needed. :) In any case, Pete, next week I am airmailing you the CD with the add-ons and I will include the King Air for FS9 and for Fs2002 for you. So be patient. I am also sending you seven of my repaints of John Woodside's great Tiger Moth, 3 of which are in Royal Navy colors. :ph34r:


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Hey Jinks


Thanks! Unfortunately, I had already done a complete uninstall/reinstall. I am just about satisfied with things now. I plan to have mostly USN aircraft.

And THANKS for the forthcoming CDs!!!



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