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Bought a Saitek AV8R

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I got this stick to give to my parents neighbor.

I promised him one of my old computers a long time ago and finally got it set up the way I wanted.

He doesn't have the money to get PCs, as far as I know he is still using the last one I gave him (a Pentium III 650MHz).

The one I am giving him now is built to the same specs as my longtime primary PC: P3 1.2GHz Tualatin with 1GB PC133 RAM and a Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB.

I have set it up with most of my games: Third Wire series, Aces High 2, Operation Flashpoint, etc.

So I got this joystick so he could enjoy the games as well as I have.


I used to buy a Microsoft Precision Pro 2 USB for these situations, they were only $20 and better than most sticks except for higher end HOTAS setups.

I got the AV8R for $40 at Best Buy.

I was pleasantly surprised:

It felt good, has plenty of buttons/switches, twisty rudder, and dual throttles.

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