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A Few New Strike Fighter Afterburner Tests

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are going to post them for everyone to use? and if so when and where?

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Great work Q..one thing I have noticed in my 15 years or so of watching aircraft of all shapes and sizes..especially the burner types..and having suffered a low level pass by a B1 in my car on the interstate once..(the image is permanently burned in my head btw) at night I got first hand look at afterburner flames..I think the crew of that bone wanted to have a bit of fun on the poor guy in the white pontiac cruisin down below...how did I know it was a Bone? Tell me what else flies routinely at what I would guess 500 feet level and has four afterburners..I nearly put my shiny new pontiac in a ditch..LOL..

Ok where was I...oh yeah..one thing I noticed about the burners was the two outboard engines on that bone the burners were different color than the inboards..asked a friend of mine who flies F16s in the KS ANG about it..something to do with 1. fuel quality and 2. Engine condition..He said the whiter the burner..the more recent the rebuild or new installation...just some info for future burner effects..



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