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Could i kindly ask for some help and guidance, with adding various pilots to aircraft in WOV. i can manage to add different pilots to WOE, via the aircraft data ini file, but there is no such thing in WOV/SFG or am i missing a trick. An idiots guide would be most appreciated. I have been away from Strike Fighters for a number of years, so what a fantastic surprise, to find all the amazing add on's and support out there in the community, kudos to you all, and long may the series continue. :salute:

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It's exactly the same procedure in WOV & SFG as in WOE. If you're trying to add pilots to the stock aircraft you need to extract the the aircraft's data.ini files first.

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Thank you for responding so quickly. just one final question, if early aircraft do not have data.ini file, am i correct in saying, should use a cat extractor to get at the information required in the objectdata.cat file?


thanks again.

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Yep. The data.ini will extract to the Objects folder, so you will then need to cut and paste it to the individual plane's folder in the Aircraft folder.

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From the instructions included in all my pilot skins, and that have been posted at my site for the last 5 or so years:


If you haven't extracted the data.ini for the aircraft you wish to modify, do so. If already extracted, open up the **data.ini for your aircraft of choice. In the example below, we are using the F-100D -- Find the section marked crew, as below:


// Crew ---------------------------------------------------------




PilotModelName= *





MaxExtentPosition= 0.25,4.83, 1.09




* = left blank in this example


If your data ini does not have the line:




You =MUST= add it. Then, you can add the pilot figure of choice. Remember, it is case sensitive, so if it's "PILOTAF" you must use all capitals. If it's "PilotCH", you must use the upper and lower case lettering. Adding ".lod" is NOT required.


can't get any easier than that!



kevin stein

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