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How to setup OFF Phase 2 (only)

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OFF Phase 2 Info Hello,


Can we please make this a sticky ? I know OFF Phase 3 is here, but anyone who played Phase 2 will most probably try to get his or her hands on P3 - i'm sure !


This is from older posts (If you have problems due to using the CFS3 DVD instead of the earlier 2 CDs scroll down near the end of this text):


First shut off any Antivirus program, and any other running program just to make sure.


1. Install MS's "Combat Flight simulator 3"

2. Install the CFS3 3.1 patch

3. Install the CFS3 3.1a patch


4. Run Combat Flight Simulator 3 once, fly a mission, shoot down some planes or get shot, whatever - and exit CFS3. (This is needed to generate a directory tree for savegames etc. on your harddisk. You do not need to save anything, or start a campaign in CFS3.)


Then install OFF (unpacking and installing can take a while, do not interrupt the process - make sure the install goes to the right directory, usually C:\Program files\Microsoft Games\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields):


5. Run OverFlandersFieldsPhase2ReleaseV1.0.exe (790 Mb)

6. Run OverFlandersFieldsPhase2SkinsV1.0.exe (1.01 Gb)

7. Run OverFlandersFieldsPhase2VidsV1.0.exe (530 Mb)

8. Run OverFlandersFieldsPhase2UpdateV1.9.exe (168 Mb)

9. Run OverFlandersFieldsPhase2V1.9eFinalHotfix.exe (57 Mb)


If you want to play over the internet you can install (optionally):


(10.) OverFlandersFieldsPhase2Multiplayer.exe (88kb)


(11.) If there is a problem with a "MSSTDFMT.dll" you should unpack and install MSSTDFMT INSTALLER.zip, and register it via the "execute" window that can be found above XP's Start button at the lower left of your screen.


Then run the "cfs3config.exe" FROM THE CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields FOLDER (not the one in the original CFS3 game), and adjust according to the readme, or FAQs from Polovski.


Remember to have the second CD in your CD/DVD tray when you play. If you have the DVD version *, it will not have to be in the tray after installing.


Now you are ready to take "OFF" wavey.gif



* If you have the CFS3 DVD:


Copy the "CFS3.exe" from the CSF3 install into the OFF game folder - delete the old "shell.exe" there first, or backup the file with a different name (e.g. Oldshell.exe). Then rename the copied "CFS3.exe" in the OFF folder to "shell.exe".


or in other words:


1) Navigate to where you installed your DVD version of CFS3 and locate the main CFS3 folder: (mostly) C:\Program files\Microsoft Games\Combat Flight Simulator 3


2) Copy the main "CFS3.exe" file from C:\Program files\Microsoft Games\Combat Flight Simulator 3 to your main OFF folder, i.e. to: C:\Program files\Microsoft Games\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields


3) Delete the OFF file "shell.exe" in : ...\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields.


4) Rename the newly copied "CFS3.exe" to "Shell.exe" and you should be good to go!


B.T.W. "Over Flanders Fields" Phase 3 "Between Heaven and Hell" takes care of these new DVD versions of CFS3, and all this will not be needed.



I hope i got that right, feel free to correct or add anything,

thanks and greetings,


Edited by Wels

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if running vista 64 bit, run cmd.exe from the c:/windows/sysWOW64 folder, then register the .dll file as per Pol's instructions.


running it directly from the start menu doesnt work.

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I installed as per instructions. CFS3 works fine on its own, but when it tries to load through OFF it crashed every time. I'm on windows Vista, and ideas?

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