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Questions about regional settings in phase2/phase3 and purchasing details for Greece.

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Greetings everyone. I managed to get OFF2 running but when i go to the hangar i get the "can't load mission file" error. According to the FAQ this is caused by a non-English version of WinXP, so i followed the FAQ's advice and changed regional settings to US English.


I'm guessing the whole issue stems from the different decimal points, is that correct? Ie, in Greek settings my decimal point is a comma, in western settings it's a "." Tough luck however, as this didn't work, so i'll now uninstall everything and reinstall with the US settings in place beforehand. Do you think this will solve the problem for OFF phase2?


Now i'm getting a new PC sometime this week and i'm interested in purchasing OFF phase3. My question about phase3 is wether i will need to go through similar issues. I guess that phase3 will have a much more streamlined installation however and in any case, detailed documentation about any possible issues.


Another thing that's bugging me is the total cost and the time involved in the purchase, not in the sense that it is that expensive, but because i won't know how much money to put aside for it. I know the phase3 DVD is $50, but i don't know how much it will take to ship a copy to Greece and if any taxes apply. Also, how long does it usually take to ship OFF3 to South/Southeastern Europe?


Last but not least, i was told on SimHQ forums that i can find other Greek people here who can maybe point out a source for CFS3. I have lost my original disks and i have installed it from my backup discs in the form of image files. For installing OFF3 however, i would prefer to have a DVD version of CFS3 so that OFF can copy the files it needs and not install CFS3 at all. I can't find CFS3 in any media shops around here, so maybe i was thinking if someone could send me a DVD version via mail order (post office pays him when he ships the package and i pay the post office to collect the package). Ordering from Amazon will take quite a long time and i can't be sure they'll ship the pre-patched to 3.1 DVD version or the older 2 CD version.


Thanks in advance everyone.

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Click Me


70$ everything included. It took em 9 days+weekends to deliver it to me.

You wont regret buying it. It is the best sim.

Welcome to OFF fellow Greek! :bye:

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