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  1. OMG ZEPPELINSZEPPELINSZEPPELINSZEPPELINSZEPPELINS P.S. Guys, whatever you do, work hard on the AI, the heart of every game is a realistic AI
  2. OT: Attention Fantasy RPG Fans

    Oblivion was so bad. The main quest sucked big time. What am I supposed to do? Have fun with the side quests and breaking into houses? it looked good. Skyrim looks good as well, but if there is no interesting gameplay, story etc. I will not even consider buying it. Baldur's Gate 1&2 > all other RPGs
  3. OT: Facebook?

    Funny For years we have been fighting for the right to have some privacy in our lives And now we give all this personal information out by ourselves
  4. This is truly amazing. Donate if you can, I approve of this project.
  5. I am right here. I am lurking more than posting these last few months. Checking out the forum on almost daily basis so don't worry.
  6. Just get him back already.....
  7. I think that maybe we have something like an OCD going on here
  8. Huh??? What happened?
  9. I like this. I really do!
  10. From my point of view, the first and foremost immersion killer is the "bloodthirsty animal" behavior of the AI. I am not talking about aggressiveness, but persistence of the interception. The reason why every dogfight eventually becomes a bloodbath, is because the AI won't settle until it sees it's enemy hit the ground. If a dogfight occurs at 10.000 feet above the lines, and one or two aircraft decide to run for it, diving towards their side, it is almost sure that someone will pursuit them. And the fun part is that the guys chasing them will not break the chase even if it is 10 miles behind enemy lines with flak all around. In WWI, if someone decided to dive towards their side of the lines, it would be almost sure that he would not have a madman on its tail, ignoring every danger just to get the kill. What I want to see is a more "human" AI. MUCH more defensive and careful. Not pansy AI though. If we turn round and round and he gets on my six, I want him to chop my tail to pieces. (and in P3 this happens just fine) I want tacticians, not enraged barbarians who will chase you up to Berlin or Paris. And of course, aircraft which have been damaged, must fly towards their side more often. But since each aircraft is piloted by a different person, it would be a cool feature if each pilot/aircraft had a different "stance" which would be determined let's say by a die roll at the beginning of each combat. One pilot may be just aggressive but careful, another would be a pure chicken, another would be an absolute madman etc. etc. If this stuff could be implemented, then the casualties from both sides would be significantly lowered and maybe you wouldn't get 3 kills per flight as a player. Another nice feature would be this: When the AI is on the lead, and you are under attack by flak, it would be a great idea to split the formation and proceed to evasive flak manoueveres. I am talking about the AI pilots of course. Random engine failures. Ability to fly alongside Aces in the same sortie. Ability to fly on a lone wolf patrol once in a while, whenever you decide, if you are an Ace. (just like Bishop did) And of course, one very important feature would be to connect the mission with the campaign, when it comes to squadron casualties. When I see a wingman of mine crashing, it would be amazing if the OFF engine determines the outcome of the crash, and kills, injures, captures the pilot in the campaign as well. But this would be good only if the AI would be more defensive, therefore no more bloodbaths (or one bloodbath per 2 weeks or whatever...) Just my two cents as a past P2 player, RB player, P3 reviewer etc. etc.
  11. When Pete Townshend dies, I am not gonna leave the house for weeks. Will listen to every Who album I got, quietly mourning. Then I will make a plastic surgery on my nose to double its size so that I will look a lot more like him.
  12. You too man. I am always around...
  13. Dude. What's up with the "Graveyard" shift? Also from my point of view computers never let you down. But people do. Give up your family and start working/playing on your PC. You see, you can say "I love you" and you may get all kinds of answers. But when you want your computer to do something, it frikkin does it no questions asked! This "binary digits" machine is your ONLY TRUE FRIEND. Wise words these are.
  14. Why should she? She will open the box and won't be able to tell the difference. And why would she want to open the box in the first place?
  15. It's nothing like out there... C.L. is a great author indeed. It is not addressed only for people interested in WWI aviation. It is pure literature and not just plain combat reports.

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