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My first two-seater

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Well, I've been playing since OFF3 came out, but today I flew against my first two seaters. These are not fun! I mean, they're a blast! But they are dam*ed dangerous!


I'll do a report from the front I guess on the details, but whew! I tried to come up under the guy, but he seemed to be able to shoot at me even though I was significantly below him. Did me some serious damage! I got one, but he got me too. We both flew a long way, gradually descending, without much control, but I managed to land, and he crashed in the trees.


I've noticed some different AI behavior though. I don't know if this is 1.26 or just different circumstances, but always before, when I've led a flight, my wingmen form up on me and stay behind me as I climb, usually to 10,000 ft, if it's clear enough. They stay behind me pretty much whatever I do. They've been great. :yes:


Today, a couple of my wingmen climbed with me just fine, but also seemed totally unable or unwilling to stay behind me. They kept shooting past and circling around. Once I leveled out, and sped up of course, they kept their place.


Also, when we encountered the enemy - two Halb DII, and six DFW-CV, I waved my wingmen to attack, and two of them went after the Halbs, but my wingman just stayed on me while I attacked the two-seaters. I waved and waved for him to attack, but he wouldn't.


Hmmmm. :huh:


On the other hand, is it possible that this patch further increased FPS? I even increased ground object density in the workshop before flying for the first time with the new patch, and she was screaming. 50-70 FPS and no stutters as I first closed on the enemy this time. Sweet. :good:

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