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Ice Man

Problems with the "effect shader" when I use WOV

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I've changed the settings of the file VietnamSEA_data.ini UseEffectShader=TRUE to UseEffectShader=FALSE as recommended in the topic by Column 5, USAFMTL, jtin and can see the "Debriefing screen",but now where before there was the ground there's the water.With WOV is installed also YAP2 and I've downloaded the latest version of DX9 and I've also the latest Vista drivers for video card, sound card and game controllers.Someone can help me?Thanks!


Teo :dntknw:

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So your using Vista (32/64) then?


Is that all you changed above? sounds like you may have changed something else in the file by accident.



Did you back up the file?? if not reinstall YAP2 again, make a copy of VietnamSEA_data.ini and then try altering it.


DO NOT extract the in game VietnamSEA_Data.ini from the cat file - because the YAP team will have made too many changes - you must only alter the file already in ....\WingsOverVietnam\Terrain\VietnamSEA when YAP is installed.

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