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  1. John Glenn passed away today

    A great man in the history of flight.R.I.P.
  2. Mission editor for FE2

    Ok thanks. Greetings, Teo
  3. I would know if there's a mission editor about FE2.Thank you! Greetings, Ice Man Teo
  4. 303CAL_LEWIS_MS

    Ok thanks. Greetings, Teo
  5. Someone have the 303CAL_LEWIS_MS data file?Thank you! Greetings, Teo
  6. Vogesen 2

    Outstanding job,thank you!
  7. Using the new WWI Italy map over the towns and villages appears this strange phenomenon of scintillation.Someone can tell me please how can I solve this problem?Thank you! I add a picture. Greetings, Ice Man Teo
  8. HH-53B, HH-53C, CH-53C Super Jolly Green Over Vietnam

    Outstanding job!Can you add please a minigun also on the ramp?Because I noticed from some pictures during the rescue operations were also used. Thank you! Greetings.
  9. I found this topic:http://combatace.com/topic/53100-fe2-effects-pack/ Thanks for your help! Greetings, Teo
  10. And the tgas?Thank you!
  11. Someone can tell me please where can I find the effects for damaged planes for FE2?Thank you! Greetings, Teo
  12. Hotchkiss sound

    Thank you very much! Greetings, Roberto
  13. Someone has the Hotchkiss sound or can tell me please where is possible found?Thank you! Greetings, Teo
  14. Tomorrow is my oral operation

    Good luck and a fast recovery!

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