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Could have been my day - but...

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attachment=22409:End_of_Albert_Ball.jpg] This could have been my day.

Our two flights of Albatros D III (early) from Jasta 12 were 9 planes; we were to patrol friendly lines, weather was fine, and it was sheer

fun flying. Arriving at the front, SW of Mont St.Martin airfield, we had gone down to 1.000 feet (Flight lead Paul Billik's decision). And then, I spotted some 8 or 9 planes high above, near the sun. They came down like hell on flight 1, whilst I curved away with flight 2.

I counted 4 or 5 S.E.5a from RFC56, and 4 Nieuports.

I marked the nearest enemy, and turned to get behind him. He did a helluvalot of moves; felt like dancing Tango, but I managed to stay

behind him. When he had to pull out of a dive, he got the full treatment. I had to press "pause", to make a screenshot - he was Gerald Joseph Constable Maxwell. He was. He dug nosed into the mud. Coming out of my turn, I saw Albert Ball's plane passing above me!

My god - more aces? I had taken up fighting with an elite squadron!

Albert tried to do half a loop to dive through under my plane, but I had guessed that and manoeuvered my lady behind his. Lying on his

side, very close above the ground, he got a full burst right into the cockpit. He crashed only two minutes after Maxwell.

Now, don't think, I was the super-ace: I hadn't seen an S.E.5a creeping up from below rear right.

When I noticed him, I paused and made this shot - he was the "Gadget King" - and he shot me down!


But when my plane crashed onto the soil, my system crashed. I couldn't even get out with the "monkey-grip"! And that happened the

second time! Does anyone else have this problem after the hotfix to Patch 1.26 ?


Some info for the dev team: I was using TrackIR; system is Windows XP; both times it happened exactly in the moment I crashed on the ground. Any ideas?

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Yes, it is. I'll post it in your skins thread. if you like, but give me time.

Winter's grey and work seem to have exhausted me; I hardly manage to do two flights a day.

And getting used to this new forum still feels peculiar.

I took a basic skin (natural wood) without markings, and with the "wizzard stick" in Photoshop, I chose

all wooden parts of fuselage; then changed it's tint into kind of mahagony. For the nose tin plating, and the

fuselage back, I chose black, against the glare of the sunlight. Last addition were the stripes in the national

colours of the time. I still have to put my personal emblem on it, a red kite, with it's German name "Milan"


Nice to be back with you! You'll see more skins soon. Cheers! Olham

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