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Lock On Sites Forum Problems

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Is it possible to begin a coordinated effort to get everybody "ATTEMPTING" to post messages over at lo-mac.com to start posting over here? They have been having forum problems since about July (right before the DEMO was supposed to be released), and they keep claiming they are updating their format. Six months to update your format, come on. UBI simply does not care about their forum activity, and that is very plain to see.


We need to actively try to get people to start posting at this site. It is just becoming very frustrating to attempt to use the lock on site's forum. This would send the message to UBI that we are not a captive audience.

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I dont think its because Ubi doesnt care. I am betting if you took a poll of the dev. team that needs the feedback of the forums, they are probably just as frustrated as the rest of us.


I think the problem is there are too many links in the chain for getting things done over there in terms of any upgrades, etc. Thats typical in that environment. Having done lots of IT work for General Motors and corp. customers. It's ridiculous sometimes. They could be having issues with hardware, staff, etc. its not unheard of to wait 180days to get approval for an update like that. I'm not saying thats the situation with UBI but I wouldn't be surprised. Plus the message boards don't generate the income. The product information does so your resources are going to be dedicated to other areas.


Biohaz is a much more suitable system for that information but then there is costs that Jeff is forced to deal with if that happens from the increase in traffic.


I continue to "pimp" Biohaz wherever I go until Jeff says that enough :) Bandwidth is expensive.

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