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Todt Von Oben

What did we learn today?

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GENERAL FUNCTION OF THE GAME: I don't know whether I have the 1.26 patch working correctly or not, but the game seems to be working right, and that's what counts. Don't know what the 1.28 patch can fix but will install it soon just for GP.


CLAIMS, KILLS, ETC.: Wondered why I didn't see a claim form at the end of a Campaign mission when I thought I shot one down. Just finished another mission and the claim form was there. I guess the game knows whether you actually shot the plane down, or it went in primarily from other causes.


A note on filling out claim forms: I'm about to learn if spelling witnesses names right matters. I think it probably will.


COOL FLIGHT: My last one. Flying a DR-1 on a Recce from Albert to Arras up North. Got into a furball with a bunch of RAC Sopwith Camels. The Tripe flies nicely. Shot up a couple Camels; focused on one flown by (an Ace I guess) "John Todd" and the machine said I shot him down.


About a minute later, two of John's buddies jumped me in tandem and shot me up pretty severely during a low altitude turning fight over No-Man's Land at the Front. Started to roll uncontrollably. Almost crashed. Used power, rudder, and elevator to get her down on both wheels in the mud. Checked the map and then taxied to our side of the lines. Walked home from there. :biggrin:


This time, the game reminded me to fill out a claim form when I ended the mission, and a form appeared. Hoping to have the kill confirmed.


Anyway guys, it seems to be working pretty well. Don't know what improvements the 1.28 patch will provide, but we'll see.


COMPARISONS TO OTHER GAMES: Of course, much better graphics than RB3D.


Like the sounds better, too. The Obereusel rotary on the DR-1 has that "braaaaapp!" sound like I'd expect from using a mag sequencer switch.


The campaign seems more intense, and the AI just flies better. Sometimes, they are actually surprising with the maneuvers they pull. They don't half-step about bringing it to your six, either. Much better than RB3D.


Probably other things I could say, but that's all that comes to mind right now.


Good Game, Guys! :clapping:





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