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SF2 - Empty Install?

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Alright... I've got a stupid question... (I know! I never thought this day would come either?)


For grins'n giggles... I tried setting up an empty install of SF2 (Deleted all the stock planes so I could place my personal stock in it)...


I did the whole .ini dance and everything, yet when I launch the damn thing, it re-created folders and stuff for the the stock birds!


Q: Is there anyway to stop this from happening?

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What about leaving the folder alone, and just renmaing the main ini??






not having it makes me just be guessing, of course....but that used to work before, even at 10/08 post-patch levels



kevin stein

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It's done that sort of thing to me, too. At a guess, you'd need to be fiddling with the core files, removing the stuff by hand, or fix the core .ini files so they won't run, or something. Not a task I relish much...

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