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Another thank you for a feature added

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With all the excitement with BHaH I completely forgot to say thanks to the Team for reinstating (and improving on) a feature present in P1 but lacking in P2.

That being the friendly and enemy aircraft comparison chart in QC


Now I know that an EIII doesn't match well with a Camel!....however when pitting one of the numerous varieties of Alb's against the Numerous Neiuports, It's nice to be able to compare their abilities and weaknesses, and get a more balanced dogfight!


Thanks Guys

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Thank you for posting - I haven't flown any QCs and would have missed it for quite some time.

So, you lucky man have been with the team since P1 ? How did you come across P1 ?

I made a websearch for WW1 sims, as I hoped, there might be one I had overlooked in the shops.

I was then more than stunned about a sim so developed, without yet being in the shops.

And so may be others later, as it's still not available in the shops.

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