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Waldemar Kurtz


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y'know, this is probably the most petty request I can think of--but I was wondering if we could have ALL of the aircraft carry flares in addition to whatever load-outs they already carry.


sure, the flares don't really DO anything, but I always like to carry them on anything I'm flying when I do an arty-spot. helps me pretend to drop flares on enemy locations to help give my buddies a fix on where to shoot those big guns. and given that some machines were festooned with a half dozen flares or more, could it be possible to have more of them?


and I was reading how German night fighters used "white star shells" to signal to friendly anti-aircraft guns to cease fire so they could safely approach enemy formations. would it be possible to get "white" flares too? that, and it'd be nice if you're a flight leader instead of just giving a regular keyboard command, you could blast off the appropriate colored flare as well. (I mean I do that already when it's possible but...)

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Welcome, Waldemar!

Nice idea, that, for the future some day. But seeing, that Winder and the team

are still working on patching some things, we should leave them at least some

time for their private life, and sleep.

We don't want them to develope a burn out syndrome, do we?


I enjoy (when enemy let's me) the flights, as they come; and it is really challenging.

Have fun!


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Some craft have the loadout option already, DH2, Bristol Scout, most 2 seaters. They have special nodes fitted to fire the flares so they appear above the craft.


We could probably fit optional load out to all craft the flare would come from underneath the craft though but that would be a hell of a lot easier.

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