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So, by far my favourite plane the last little while has been the f-18a, the two things that annoyed me with it were the automatic flaps, which I have fixed, and controlling the flaps makes a huge difference when on final, now the nose drops down (like it should) with full flaps allowing a slower approach with much improved visability :ok: especially when trapping :biggrin:

The second issue I am hoping someone can help me with, when calling up a Maverick to strike a ground target, my radar screen turns white and blank, is there something I need to change in order for it to show the tv screen target veiw that I assume it is supposed to show? the mavericks still seems to work and hit their targets, and this tv screen function works in my A-10 just not in this f-18a.

Any help would be appreciated


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So I'm at 90 veiws and no one has any idea what I'm asking :dntknw:

Does anyone else fly this great plane? and if so does the tv screen work for maverick missiles....or is it just me?



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