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"No disc in drive" message

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Hi all,


I have the Ubisoft CFS3 DVD which I have used for OFF with no problems in the past. The reason for the DVD is so that I don't have to use the disc each time I run OFF.


I just wiped my system clean, formatted the HDs, etc as I was having a lot of crashes, blue screens and "corrupt system config file" messages as well as some strange multiple os occurences. I'm just reinstalling all my apps with no problems EXCEPT when I now install CFS3 from the Ubi DVD, I can't run the sim without the disc as I keep getting the "No disc in drive" message and it won't load the game until the DVD is in the drive. Yet this same DVD has always installed and CFS3 ran without it, before, as it should. So I haven't installed OFF P3 again since I can't even get CFS3 to run without the DVD.


I have uninstalled CFS3 and reinstalled with the same results.


Am I forgetting something...?? Am I having a senior moment?


Puzzled, me... :dntknw:


Suggestions... :idea:

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I have never had the dvd version of cfs3, so I cant say this for sure, but I am not so certain that cfs3 installed from the dvd version was ever made NOT to run with the disc in the drive.


The advantage of having the dvd of cfs3 is that it is already patched to 3.1, and therfore you dont have to have cfs3 installed on your computer to install bhah. During the install process for bhah, it will ask you where you want BHAH to get the files it needs from cfs3....you can choose an installation of cfs3 already on the computer, or a disk (the dvd). If you select the dvd, then you will not have to have a disk in the drive for bhah. I cant say for certain if you use the cfs3 installation (that came from a dvd), that you will need a disk in the drive, but if I was doing this, i would use the disk for the files it needs to copy from cfs3, and not the installation, just to be sure.

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Don't install CFS3 there is no need.


If you patched it too, then that's what is causing the problem..


Remove OFF


Install OFF and when given the choice choose to load files from CFS3 disk not an existing install

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Thanks for the replies! I have this one solved thanks to Parky who first got back with the same advice as I had posted this in the General Discussion forum, since this one didn't get noticed for a while.


I thought that I had read somewhere that CFS3 had to be installed first and then a mission had to be flown before installing OFF... :dntknw:

I don't know why I thought that, but it had worked before. Foolishly I didn't pay any attention to the first step of the installation procedure so I was dumbfounded (or just dumb) to find out that I could install OFF P3 using the CFS3 DVD just for the required files. It works like a charm!


In retrospect, I guess what I remember may have been instructions for those who have CFS3 installed and are using it on it's own... and then want to add OFF. In my case, I don't care about CFS3 as a stand alone, so this installation is perfect.



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