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no damage in normal and hi-resolution

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is it normal ....? to have no damage in normal resolution ?

in hi-resolution i now it is normal ok ! but in normal resolution ?

only on low resolution, some lite damage on plane ? poor hole of guns ......

the game is too realistic perhaps ? or there is a bug with my config ?


other question ... during one mission (campain mod) I have shoot 3 balooons with roquettes and guns ...so my claims 3 baloons ....but the game accepte only 1 claim ??? and it s always refused !!!! :shok:


and the last one..... in campain mod even with air activite in high.... I fly with no enemi plane at all mission....

56 missions 75,31 hours in air 6 claims refused (baloons) i never see an enemi plane in sky !!!!!!!!!! :blink:

periode janvier fevrier 1916


sorry for my poor english :blush:

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No but some people see that. If you had Phase 2 installed, or have problems try increasing EFFECTS slider to 5. Increase Aircraft slider to 5.

Also try decreasing terrain or scenery slider.


Also try RESET CFS3 in workshop (loses pilots).


Try settings graphics settings (see FAQ near the top)


Choose another squad or later date if no enemy, maybe there are too few enemy squads in that area..

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