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Just Arrived, Failing to run

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Are you overclocking your CPU or GPU? What is your PCI frequency? I was getting constant crashes until I backed off a bit on my CPU overclock and reset my PCI settings in the BIOS to normal. Still crashes occasionally, but only after long gaming sessions.


Nothing is overclocked on my machine. How would one check their PCI frequency?






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When your 'puter starts up, just after the beep, if you press the delete button* on my machine you can access the motherboard BIOS settings. Once there, there are several tabs or sections which give you access to various MB functions, including PCI Bus or frequency. Mine is normally set at 100, but I had upped it to 105 until OFF started crashing. Setting it back to 100 seemed to help.


*You may have to press a different button, likely Alt or Ctrl. On some machines, you have to press one of the function keys.

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