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  1. Error Checking Claims

    Will do. This pilot had 11 kills and 3 claims though. :(
  2. Error Checking Claims

    The problem here in lies that I am getting this "error checking claims," which is preventing me from getting credit for the kills at all.
  3. Well I've got the game working well enough that I'm deep into a campaign. I'm cheating a bit, I don't let myself die ;-) That and I've got claims set on "easy." New problem though, I've got about 6 claims pending and every time a mission ends I get an OFF manager error telling me its had an "error checking claims." I don't want to have to turn this feature all the way off, because I love how it makes me record an engagement in writing, a record I can check later. Anyone else ever seen this particular issue?
  4. MS error message about CFS3

    Setting the aspect ration has helped a bit. Played pretty far into a campaign (I'm cheating btw, I don't let myself die, ;-)). Now I've got a new error! Yippie. "Error checking claims." Boo. :D This is an excellent game when it works well.
  5. MS error message about CFS3

    Well I have XP 32bit on another HD and I'm having serious problems getting the game to run correctly there as well. Except there, I don't get the crash message I get tossed back to the mission briefing screen. And I have other issues on XP as well... like the game will hang on the "World War I is initializing" screen if I've got any of the patches installed past 1.30, after I hear (but cannot see) a tell tell error ding.
  6. Having Some Success

    I am a PhD student in Political Science at a University of California campus. I suppose I should edit what I said earlier, if you're like me--and you might not be pursuing an MA--and the school pays you to get your degree, you won't have any less free time. If, however, you continue to work a real job in addition to school, you're free time might evaporate... just a little. :yes:
  7. Nothing is overclocked on my machine. How would one check their PCI frequency? Cheers, -R
  8. MS error message about CFS3

    Well I spoke too soon I guess. I had a scramble mission today, in the rain, and the game invariably crashes on take off, as soon as a bank to the right... kablam. CTD (or rather crash to OFF manager). Setting the graphics to "safe mode" actually made the problem worse. I'd crash as soon as I started my engines. Perhaps this is a video card issue. -R
  9. MS error message about CFS3

    Okay, try this... it helped with me considerably. I rolled back to version 1.0. I'm not even going to *TRY* and patch again until the big patch, which will patch you all the way up to current in one go is released. Next, I disabled my second display when playing the game, and am running at 1680x1050 resolution instead of the native 1920x1080. This reduced my crashing to zero tonight flying 4 missions. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it stays "fixed" for me. Cheers, -R
  10. Having Some Success

    As a graduate student, I assure you... you won't lose that much free time. ;-)
  11. This might be old to you, but I've got 64 bit Vista and the OFF manager launches just fine. I just get random crashes about 30 minutes into game, but its CFS3 that's crashing. I'm still trying to get this game to work properly in both XP and Vista. I'm really disappointed that its not working properly, especially because I've been able to play enough to at least get a taste of what the sim has to offer, yet I'm constantly being denied. :P
  12. MS error message about CFS3

    Actually it happens to me more often than just landing, but it happens most in these three scenarios: Take Off, Landing, Hostile Aircraft get within 1000 or so yards.
  13. MS error message about CFS3

    I've got the same problem on Vista 64. I'm running with: AMD Athlon x2 5600+ 4 and 8 gigs of RAM (I've swapped my RAM out a couple times and still get the issue under any configuration) Nvidia 9800gtx+ I've tried lowering my settings to 2 all the way across, which I shouldn't have to do tbh, and it didn't help at all. I also tried running both the OFF manager and CFS3.1 in XP compat mode, and that didn't help. Someone mentioned a heat issue, but I doubt that this is the problem. Speed fan seems to be indicating elevated temperatures, but still in the normal issue... and the machine has a portable air conditioner blowing directly on it constantly.
  14. Last chance

    I'm having a similar problem, tbh, which occurs mostly when I'm running OFF in Vista. I find it highly unlikely that this is a heat issue because I've got an air conditioner pointed directly at my case. That and speed fan shows my case temps a little high, but still in the normal range. And this would be the only game EVER to give me heat issues, and with some of the games I run on this PC I find this highly dubious.
  15. What am I doing wrong?

    I'm still getting this problem when running the game in XP and Vista. In Vista I actually get an error message, and I won't make it 5 seconds into any mission after it occurs until I restart my machine. In XP I'll just randomly crash to the OFF manager. Sometimes the game in XP will hang on a loading screen, and I will not be able to force quit the application... I just have to restart the whole damn computer manually. And all of my settings are on 2 from the CFS3 menu, which is sad since I'm running an Nvidia 9800gtx+ in this machine. Any thoughts, Cheers, -R

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