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I've got a separate install of SFP1 with a Greek/Turkish theme. I've added a variety of aircraft for both Air Forces.


Yesterday, I noticed that my Avionics.70 radars have crapped the bed. They display large blocky numbers and when the radar sweeps, it keeps the solid sweep image and is unusable. This is something new. I thought it might be only with the F-16s I modded, but it also happened with the F-4E AUP's cockpit/radar. I have not modded it at all.


All of my other installs are fine.


Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance!



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Is it the .dll perhaps? I've noticed in my installs that they suddenly stop working sometimes. Perhaps replace it with one from another install? Did this just suddenly and randomly happen?


Actually...which patch are you running that install at? Just a random guess, but perhaps the Vipers and AUP aren't set up to use the avionics70.dll that your using. In other words, their avionics files are pre or post patch and you have pre patch in post patch or post patch environments.


Just some possible reasons...?

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The AUP has avionice ins for both pre and post patch, as at the time I released it, only WoI had a working GM radar with the avionics70.dll.


I'd double check which one you're using, and edit the main ini accordingly.



kevin stein

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