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Joker's Wild Recruiting...

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We are a small squad at the moment. We fly IL2 Forgotten Battles, and Lock On. We dont have any ranks like Colonel or Lt., we just mess around and have fun. But we are very serious in the virtual air.


We are a very tight group that flies nearly every night between 10pm-5am EST.


Pro's to joining JW's:

Lots of skinning talent... means you get your own special skins.

Very relaxed group of guys that just enjoy shooting down the lesser organized enemy... it's just time to let loose and have fun... and play sims with a cool group of guys.



There arent any unless you need some stiff regimental BS to have fun... then again thats no fun at all.


Requirements for joining the JW's:

Cannot be a poor pilot... mediocre maybe, but not bad.

Must have Ventrilo for voice comms.

We use MSNM to find eachother online.

You can fly any plane you want, but we prefer the LA7 3X20 ShVak for IL2 FB; no preference for LOMAC yet.

Must be a cool, relaxed person.

Again you cannot suck! But if you are a mediocre pilot, you will get better by flying with us.



Mista Saffell AKA Snapple=JW=


Apply Here:


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