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White Bird - Albatros in white, with eagle emblem

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Here's my latest work in progress.

As the seabird Albatros is white, I always wanted to do this.

But now I think, I should make it look even more like the seabird, and use the

eagle for another plane?

I could give her black ailerons and tail fins, and an orange-yellow nose;

and use the eagle elsewere.

Don't know yet, and will ramble on...


I kept the plane very clean; no weathering here. A German officer, and also his ground crew,

wouldn't leave much dirt or dripping oil on a plane like this, surely. It's like with cars here -

a fetish almost for the Bosch; kept neat and clean like a baby.


PS: don't know, if that's recognisable. The eagle is clutching a breaking SPAD XIII.

Edited by Olham

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Thats awesome Olham. I must say, thats the bird for me! If you remember, on the SoH forums my "title" (underneath Rooster89) was "Der Wiess Adler". Ahhh the colors of our German planes eh?



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Beautiful! But you have to fix the letters at the tail, the eagle at the top wing etc. etc. It will look pretty good indeed!

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