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Happy surprises with the Roland C.II

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On a whim, I selected the C.II for a stroll over Allied lines last night. It was a very pleasent experience. It flew well, had a reasonable amount of power, was forgiving and didn't stall repeatedly. And it was nice have a rear gunner protecting my butt. I recall reading that the C.II was designed as a bomber but was so agile that they could fly fighter cover for bomber C.II's


When were they operational? When my TrackIR gets here, I think I'd like to put a pilot in a German unit and fly a mission with it.


Can you have a British pilot and a German pilot at the same time in OFF, and not be shot for treason?

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Here's what Wikipedia have about it: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roland_C.II


It was used 1916, and into first half of 1917. It could not only defend itself, but, like the

Strutter for example, operate like a heavy fighter.

"Bloody April 1917" was, more than a fighter's fight, an airbattle of mainly two-seaters.




Technische Daten


* Charakteristika

o Hersteller: Luftfahrzeug Gesellschaft m.b.h, Berlin Charlottenburg (Roland)

o Typ: Aufklärungsflugzeug (Reconnaisance plane)

o Motor: ein 160 PS Mercedes D.III wassergekühlter Sechszylinder Reihenmotor (watercooled 6cylinder inline)

o Erstflug: Oktober 1915

o Stückzahl gebaut: circa 300

o Besatzung: zwei Mann


* Abmessungen

o Spannweite: 10,33 m (Wingspan)

o Länge: 7,70 m (length)

o Höhe: 2,90 m (height)

o Flügelabstand: 1,32 m (dist. between wings)

o Leitwerksspannweite: 2,08 m (tail fin span)

o Tragflügelfläche: 27,96 m² (wing surfaces)


* Gewicht (weight)

o Gewicht (leer): 789 Kg, andere Quelle: 764 Kg

o Gewicht (beladen): 1309 Kg, andere Quelle: 1284 Kg


* Leistung

o Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 165 Km/h

o Steigrate 1000m: in 7 Minuten (climb rate)

o Steigrate 2000m: in 14 Minuten

o Steigrate 3000m: in 26 Minuten

o Flugdauer: 4-5 Stunden (flight time)


And, yes, you can fly all sides. I have had two pilots, on S.E.5a and Sopwith Camel;

besides my German pilots. That is so great about this sim: the choice!

Edited by Olham

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I really like the Roland CII "Walfisch". It is a pleasant experience and I'm afraid it will be overlooked by many. I haven't flown it yet with TrackIR but I look forward to it.

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I have flown it with TrackIR, but now I can't remember, what I did,

to get the TrackIR view for the rear gunner? First, I could only look around

by moving my machine gun round. But then I have found a way, to look around

by TrackIR's head movements. But I can't remember, what I did?

Does anyone know?

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Olham, find out..... find out..... pleeeeease remember...... I have a hard time flying the 2 seaters because when I am in the gunners seat I am soooo used to being able to move my head that I get closterphobic because I can't... :sad:

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Okay, will check on Sunday (no time today; social duties - cooking for friends!)

But try all cockpit views, like "virtual cockpit" (check "controls") - it must be somewere

(if I haven't dreamt it - Lol!)


Edit/PS: hmmm - thinking deeper about it, it might have been different: I could have used

the coolie hat glide view. I think, that's what I did. Sorry... But I'll check anyway.

Edited by Olham

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I think I am going to systematicaly fly every type, and check them all out, to see which i like.

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