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Mp Balance, Bah Humbug

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We all like Sims with a capital S, why should MP be any different, this wont be quake, the planes should fly as they should, which makes the player LEARN how to use aircraft specific tactics to win, and it will depend on pilot skill, in a particular plane.


eg, in the harrier the pilot has to use viffing and good turn rates to overcome the mirage which uses boom and zoom tactics, and the mirage pilot would have to make sure he doesnt get drawn into a turning fight, instead he uses his speed and accelleration to fight with, I dont see why SP realism cant be completely employed in MP


This would make you decide what plane and side you should fight with depending on where your personal skills lie, do you twist and turn, or do you put the go faster stipes on?


But if needs be to have balance, you could always force a particular ratio of number of planes on each side depending on what planes are being flown and the numbers of them, by automatically forcing players onto the team thats at a disadvantage, this would "bring balance to the force/s" :lol: without having to sacrifice realism of flight models/performance

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