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WOE multiplayer

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Ok im a new member but not new to flight sims at all.looking for a way to get some multiplayer action going.i downloaded teamspeak but dont know what i have to do to connect .so ne way im just looking to get set up so i can play multiplayer with WOE ok.any help is good help at this point..i tried the hamatchi but i still dont know how to use that ..ok im listening

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Hey stryke_eagle!me and my brother have flown thru hamachi on WOE a few times.i'll contact him and see if giving out group and password names so you can join us!

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welcome to combatace,

hamachi is basically a virtual private network program, you will need the network names and passwords that others have created to be able to join them.

have fun!

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this some rooms u can add it in hamachi and u ll meet some guys online there


room:- Typhoon-ita

password:- maricosom


room:- streakserver1

password:- streakserver1


room:- wings_du_egypte



room:- vietnam^wings


pass:- vietnam^wings



room: dk_woe

pass: europe


room:-Egyption traing f-16 unit

pass:- 3407615



ur welcome


bye.... :)

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Hey everyone... ! I am new to Hamashi... Tried to look you up but everyone seems to be offline... So how do we actually use this tool to join games? I kinda understand but if someone can help explain... I'd greatly appreciate it... I'm a great flight sim buff... and I am really interested in playing online... and a game like this is awesome!!!


Ohh and any news on that dedicated server?

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More hamachi networks:













Please don't log into these networks with more than one callsign. Some of these networks are mine. I try to leave people on them, but will keep and eye on them and on occasion "trim the deadwood". If you find yourself removed I offer my apologies in advance, my bad. So perhaps keep a hard copy of the NetworkNames/Passwords somewhere. It may be best to meet in the WOV room in Hyperlobby first before moving off to a hamachi server.

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