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  1. Hmm... I'm on the fence to be sure... Love the series but haven't played since getting new rig. NONE of the SF2 stuff works on my rig... right from the git-go...
  2. Driver update caused my pc to take a trip to Texas for repair lol. Supposed to be legit and from the website no less... so I'm leary on that... Done.Done. And Done on the rest. Nothing. Same results. Thanks, MigBuster
  3. @russouk2004 it won't run at all. Nil. Nothing. Double click desktop shortcut.... asks if publisher exe should be run... yes... screen flicker. Back to desktop. Repeat.
  4. @Typhoid, I am having the same instant ctd with the rx580 and win10 home edition... real bummer. Was going to relive the glory days of air combat, and now... nothing.
  5. Getting back into CFS

    I agree with ndicki(BTW....MAW.....BRILLIANCE!).Considering the amount of 3rd party addons available for CFS3....I:E:ETO,PTO,MAW....CFS3 can keep you glued to the screen these days! This is yet another sim I have GB's of mods for and all of which were downloaded for free! I think both my H/D's are gonna puke mods all over my carpet...........now back to flying for the Luftwaffe!
  6. Ok Like I'm the only one!

    I was 4 yrs old when episode IV came out and probably didn't get to see it until i was 7 or 8.Being 1 of 5 children,my parents did well just to feed and clothe us let alone take us to a movie or two.But 1 day in the summer of '80('81?) i was watching TV one afternoon and behold!A New Hope came on!I was absolutely stunned thru the whole movie!Hooked.Instantly. So for the next few months before Christmas,I pleaded with my mom and dad to get me the toys,figures,anything that was sold having to do with Star Wars.They always told me that they would try but money is tight and you kids need to eat and get clothes for school! Long story short, i had 1 present under the tree that Christmas....and I couldn't have been more happy in my life!Rippin' in and feast my eyes on the "Battle Damage X-Wing with Luke Skywalker" figurine! Simple, not extravagant in any way,but I cried for an hour just looking at it! Like I said......HOOKED.
  7. CFS3 expansion Mediterranean Air War

    I have MAW installed but,I have dail-up!I'm able to play LOMAC 1.02,WOV Sept.2008,all online with very little lag,if any at all!I have winXP x64.I also am on TS3.Think I have a TS2 executable somewhere....I'm a MOD hoarder....no seriously....I am.
  8. A little better graphics ? Please

    I recently downloaded BMS patched to 4.3.2, and I'm impressed!Very nice to look at and very realistic! This sim is a must for Falcon fans!
  9. ArmA 2 or 3?

    I have Arma2:CO and Arma2:reinforcements with a lot of add-ons from the AWESOME communities!It's the best combat REALISM SIM i have ever played.Hands down! I have read that Arma3 minimum requirements state an OpSys of Win7 or WinVista....I have WinXp x64.....I have had nothing but nightmares at work with both Vista and Win7.......(with the simplest of tasks...even the IT guy says we should stay with WinXp)with very little tech help....thats not to say that some people have no problems with Win7 or Vista....I have. No,thanks BIS.......I bought the best SIM you have put out to date....I'm extremely happy with Arma2:CO+Reinforcements.....I WILL NOT UPGRADE MY OP/SYS to buy Arma3.Period.
  10. More ArmA 2 for me... Good mods for older stuff?

    Man,it's hard to believe that i squeeze 50hrs of work in a week,and still have time to play the best sims on earth! I bought Arma2:CO then purchased Arma2:Reinforcements......and i never looked back! I think i grab everything the ArmA 2 community has to offer.....I have so many expansions and add-ons that my ArmA 2 download folder exceeds 15GB's! I,too play a lot of the CWR2 mod and the VTE mod and also the Unsung mod....while the CWR2 mod gives me the old OFP:RH campaign(I'm kicking myself for sending OFP:RH to my bro in Texas(I know,I know...))....not to mention the "Project'85" stuff i get to play within the editor.The others only offer missions.Would be nice to see a Vietnam campaign with all the available mods out there. I've created several Vietnam missions using VTE and Unsung mods for my own personal use.....I haven't uploaded any due to dail-up limitations(Thank God for flash drives and DSL at work...don't tell on me !).. and most importantly author permissions....after all, we get to play these great mods because they took the time to SHARE.One day I'll be able to contribute to this site and others for the gb's of data i have! In a nutshell......This SIM is endless.....so many possibilities!5 outta 5!!! p.s.....had a lot of sleepless nights trying to get out of "Alone in the Forest"...think it was hard in OFP?......Arma2 was white knuckle madness!
  11. A little better graphics ? Please

    I'm not seeing anyone mention FreeFalcon5.5.5!.....A nice stand alone community rework(with all due respect...Falcon4.0 was THE sim of choice way back when every thing else was an arcade GAME and did not even come close to realism!) of Falcon4.0! Explosions and smoke from burning wreckage are alot better than current Falcon4.0AF. Graphics are an improvement also....however,"eye candy" is nice to LOOK at,but, realism WITH some eye candy is priceless! I would show some pics but,I have exceeded my global limit here!!....dang SF2 screenshot thread!!!...SO ADDICTIVE!!!! Look it up if ya want....i'm flyin' Vipers in Falcon4.0AF and all kinds of aircraft in FF5.5.5!
  12. ARMA2 Operation Arrowhead question

    bought Arma2:CO a few months ago...worried my "ANCIENT" system wouldn't run it....to my surprise, it ran just fine on high settings! must say...this is what i have been waiting for....A GOOD MISSION EDITOR!....even though the learning curve is very steep, i've found that i can create some pretty interesting situations. with the help of some addons from some VERY good sites(Just like the SF:2 series here at CA! ;)) i've managed to coble together a bunch of entertaining (although unfinished,unpolished scraps of battles that lack the moxy of experts) scenarios that leave me hungry for "what can i create next?" feelings! maybe not a must buy......But, a GOOD BUY in my opinion! 2 thumbs up!
  13. The Driving Force behind Third Wire

    TK is an inspiration to all flight combat fans.....low budget...HIGH QUALITY SIMS! THE ULTIMATE SUCCESS STORY! i would have guessed that TK spent millions to create his vision.....and if i had it to give, i would have paid 20 times what i did for any of his releases! cheers, TK......YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION FOR US ALL! thanks so much for all of my grins and frowns during my journey through this wonderful series! never will any of my installs be deleted from my comp. and i will buy anything that TK puts out, only because TK gives so much back to the fan!
  14. i try to keep all settings on hard......war is hard. pilot skill is the real test. as i am a mud-mover at heart, i'm not the best DF'er in the theatre....but i know the particular a/c's limitations and advantages. i believe this sim's ability to give the user so much flexibility(...to edit to your hearts desire) is the attraction for me. this jewel of a series has a never-ending wow-factor from the start.....i can't leave it alone! i can't say i've never been disappointed about firing my salvo of a2a missiles at a single MiG-17 over Hanoi only to have that MiG turn out of danger every time....but, i enjoyed the thought of going up against an AI a/c that thwarted my every action...and we both "lived" to fight another day! that's war....unpredictable! Cheers,TK and ALL that have contributed in ANY way!......my "PLAY TIME" has never been more enjoyable! p.s. I WANT THE MISSION EDITOR FOR THE SF2 SERIES!!!!!!!

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