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Adding a new weapon in SF2 ?

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I have added new weapons/tanks, using the "Strike Fighters 2 Weapons Editor", and at the end we are successful!!! :good:


I would like to ask two questions:


(1) When I add a new SFP1 weapon, and use the weapon editor, in C:\Users\AGOSTINO\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Objects\Weapons it create the folder of the new weapon, with at the inside the Main.ini file, and data.ini file, then I add the .lod and .bmb files, and the game is done!! But the Main.ini file just created, is without the following entry: [LOD001], [LOD002], [shadow] and [TextureSet001]!! I must add them manually?? :blink:


(2) I've added the following weapon: "MB-339_DEFAGunPod", the only thing is that weapon, don't shoot!!! :dntknw:


Thanks in advance!!! :wink:

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There has not been a gun editor released for SF2 so that is why you do not have the gun.

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