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Why The Falklands War?

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this sim is basically Dante's Dream. long ago on forum I asked for wwii objects to include in my new engine...


...instead I got harrier objects.. Oh well I thought... we'll do a harrier sim. The idea of doing the falklands was for several reasons including that the harrier featured in that war and also, that the terrain is nice and boring.


Nice and boring means less work for mapping out roads and things like that - just a small island.


Though that concern isnt perhaps so significant now since the decision has been made to model a larger area including the more populous argentine mainland.

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Sounds like a pretty good place for a Harrier! :D


I look forward to flying a VIFF capable aircraft. The last one I recall was AV-8B Harrier Assault, which had a faked East Timor campaign. Fun game to fly,

not so good on the gameplay side however.


The expanded Argetine area sounds like a winner also...

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