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  1. programming updates

    updating the flight model - its long needed some love. Hopefully in a few hours I will enjoy flying the skyhawk in the physics test shell. previously, the flight model was using complex equations. Now we're going to make better use of interpolation and pull the flight model back into C++ rather than lua script. This will give us code efficiency boost. Especially with lots of aircraft present in the battlespace.
  2. programming updates

    I'm fed up of working part time of Jet Thunder, so I'm going to quit my job and work on JT full time to make sure it gets done in reasonable time. currently refactoring code to aid the development of AI and Physics. Jet Thunders code currently mixes the graphics objects with physics data. By separating the aircraft physics into a separate static library I believe jet thunders game code will become more agnostic of whatever physics engine we use (currently Newton) I like Newton in many ways. Despite being the work of apparently one man - It doesn't fall over. Is well documented compared to Bullet, but not the fastest. For a number of reasons it would be nice to switch to PhysX. with this code refactoring, this becomes a possibility. And with the physics at last decoupled from the graphics objects, then driving the physics on a separate thread should be more straightforward. Our framerate is pretty good - but its always nice to have more. we remain, mainly single core at the moment. some important fix recently. JT is now far more likely to run on other peoples PC's than just ours - as developers we have PC's with dev software on - but because we're not a studio, we don't really have naked test PC's. Dante discovered on some PC's at his work place that JT wasn't running and I was able to replicate the error and fix. This demonstrates the necessity of open beta testing at the end of the project to catch these dumb errors. But one wonders: the publisher and investor types we showed JT in the past, probably didn't have dev software installed on their PC. It perhaps made us look poor if our game just crashed without comment. At least this shouldn't happen now.
  3. updates

    we're still working on this project. recently been reworking the terrain engine to be less art driven, in the sense of the artist having to laboriously present everything: a more pipeliney approach. so we can now do better layering and tree/hedgerow placement. don't worry about the glitches on this screenshot.
  4. Any new updates for us loyal fans?

    there will be some new screenshots coming soon. we now have much better looking sea thanks to shaders. :)
  5. Campaing dynamics?

    we're in the stage of seeing what works. I'm writing the underlying battlespace sim now to support the realtime gameplay to give depth to our missions. Not sure what is best design. is it where you fly till you die? or is it best where you die and its like, so what - i'll just fly another plane (until there are no more planes left). I prefer this sort of campaign where you interact directly through possession of an aircraft on a per mission basis. we'll try a few different things to see what works best. The design though aspires towards a design missions and move units about possibility.
  6. what am I doing now?

    and svn repository is versioning system - lets us developers ensure we have coherent versions on each others machines- we can update the central repository then everybody else gets the changes when they update. whats been worked on most recently is UI system, working to move away from hard coded keymaps so users can customise that aspect. Got to fix a host of bugs, then we continue to polish the demo.
  7. what am I doing now?

    most recently upgraded the ground physics - and also making the new ground physics work with ships rather than just terrain. It is again possible to sit on an aircraft carrier with a skyhawk or harrier. also doing house keeping task - setting up new SVN repository for the developers.
  8. when out?

    still working towards beta - we have what we imagine would pass as an alpha version with many elements of single player gameplay in - but buggy, glitchy. beta testing ought to be when the game is free of all known bugs and were all gameplay features are complete. maybe. certain game modes might be beta testable soon. How long things take is dependent mainly on how much time we work on it. We imagine that Jet Thunder may help us found a studio when its finished, but until then we have our own jobs. Was making great progress when the last company I worked for got rid of half its workforce, me included :-) but I got a new job :-/ so is back to evenings and weekends. at least this company is relaxed about me working on side projects.
  9. when out?

    yep hoping for end of 2009.
  10. triple head 2 go

    17 foot beats my 32" :)
  11. what am I doing now?

    It is now January 09 - it has been an interested month or so. A couple of months ago I got made redundant, so inbetween that job and my current one, have been able to advance Jet Thunder quite rapidly. Its now in a sort of demoable state, no user interface, just lua scripting that can define everything - setting up missions and triggering events. But there are things that cannot be shown yet such as the way the surface to air missiles AI is not well done yet. Missiles will loop around the plane until they hit or exhaust themselves rather than if missing, passing onwards. Some of the aircraft AI is not ready to show to general public either - when flying in a straight line, the plane rocks left and right too much - like when Maverick's mate is spooked and can't land his plane. The good thing is that the main gameplay features like the different sorts of AI is there - just that they need fixing and polish - Also, much improved is the ground physics. which reminds me, the new ground physics only works with terrain - it will fall through other objects at the moment so I must fix that. At this stage in the project there is a lot of bugs and issues like that. So after the AI is fixed, and after a user interface system is written, then I think the project enters content period where we recreate historic and what if missions using the scripting system and possibly some tool that we might develop... ...and then there is also dynamic campaign and online play options to work on. So a lot has been done, but theres still a fair bit to do.
  12. triple head 2 go

    yeah i feel the same way :P - though a widescreen TV at 1080p is not too bad. Will have to implement trackir soon. I think trackIR and triplehead2go for 3 monitors would be good gaming experience. I think the only head movement you might need is up and down as you'd have such a good horizontal view.
  13. triple head 2 go

    matrox sent some screenshots back of Jet Thunder demo operating on their systems. thought some of you might be interested - I just wish I had one of these toys. http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/products/gxm/th2go/
  14. work in progress

    got some inner stuff working now. game play related AI stuff, ways to move from one AI type to another - this is needed to build missions.
  15. work in progress

    bomber AI now - i had some fun with windows movie maker... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=QgeXadiQ9mI

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