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"Only half an hour left..."

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Jasta 9, Sissone, 12. August 1918

Leutnant Leber


Dear Kurt!

You know, that he saved your life again this morning? I witnessed it; you should be grateful.

There is something, I haven't told you yet (I had to make a first report to Hptm. Blume), and

it is lying on my heart like a stone. I don't even know, if I understood him right, but it seems

to me, that he felt something - that he knew...

When we walked to our waiting craft this early morning, the Hauptmann murmured something,

that I didn't understand first. But now I know, what he said: "Only half an hour left."

And you know as well as I do, that with this morning's sortie, he would have reached the

threatening 17-hour-mark.

Will you come to my room after your report? I want to drink on him with you. Georg may also

come later. I felt so helpless.


Hope to see you. Theo


(For the sordid details, see "Combat reports from the Front")

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My condolences, Olham! If only your pilot had gotten all those kills confirmed, he would have been quite an ace!


Reading these KIA reports is always very sobering. It makes me remember that only a small mistake or some bad luck is needed to put an end to the most promising pilot's career.

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