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Mig-21F LSK/NVA Camo

When in the ’80 the older Mig-21F were retired from fighter units (JG-3; JG-8 and later JG-9) they served in AFS-31, TAFS-47, TAFS-48 as tactical recon planes and in JAG-15, FAG-15 for trainig.

So the original silver skins were left and the aircrafts went camo.


I made this skin (1024x1024) using my own, home made, templates, the decal numbers (included) are the same, historical of my previous LSK Silver Skin (a little below here at Combat.Ace).


I hope you like it.


I’ld thank my friend Herr Carlo “Souli” Vecchi for his constant help, effort and, as usual, for the original numbers fonts, too.


Upgrade 1.1


At last I found probe, antennas etc. and now are silver painted.

Numbers little shifted.

New patch file.

Numbers meet serials (copy new numbers file in LSK Silver Skin if you like ..). So try 645 for the “Q” mark.






Paulopanz :dirol:





P.S. To Install in SFP1/2; WOV/E/I simply put the decals in decals folder and LSKCamo1 in your Mig-21F folder. That’s all.


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Thanks Paulopanz, I always like the camo MiG's ...


Hou doe,


Derk :smile:

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I'm glad you like it. :biggrin:


The Mig-21F camo pictures are rare, except East Germany AF, so if you have a good paintscheme, please send it to me, and I'll try to skin.




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