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Little Help Thanx

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I have searched the forms and saw some temp type fixes that have not worked for me so far.


Runtime error 480 can't create auto redraw image.


This happens when ending a game and it dumps to desktop. :dntknw:


Vista 32 bit

4 gb of memory

intel core 2 6400 @ 2.13 GHz

PNY GeForce GTS 250 with 1gb of ram

Dual monitor display running differnt resolutions.


Any help or suggestions would be welcome.



Thank you!


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dont know if you saw this post, (i know its about win7).




would not hurt to uninstal video drivers, and reinstall again, (if it hasnt been tried already)


Have seen numerouse posts about nvida that say you HAVE to uninstall existing, before reinstalling or upgrading drivers.


And, if you go this route, i would redo my cfs3cong settings again afterwards...you may end up having to..(msg cfs3config out of date)

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Thanks, the reboot helped for 1 mission.


I kept reading fixes and such. Seems the one that has helped me so far is starting CFS3 regular and going into the CFS3 game then exiting out of a mission the start OFF. I have not crashed so far with this method. I was crashing to desktop in the middle of missions prior to trying this. :clapping:

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