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Once More, I Have A Deal For You

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1st off, I am not rich.

I am not crazy; not certifiably so, according to my wife.

I'm not trying to run a scam, pull a fast one, or steal your identity.


For me. computers are a hobby, and like any of you that have one, it can get a little outta hand occasionally. Right now, I / we have 6. So we are paring down, slowly.


We were looking through all my excess stuff", and found a PCI-E BFG 7950GTX (OC) in the stack of different items. I got the "look", (yeah, that one) so here we are again.


Same rules apply; reimburse me what it cost to ship to you / 1st come, 1st served. PM me the details.


That's the deal.


If it were me, I'd be curious too. To answer the question of "why", it's simple. I can't mod anything more complicated than a chicken salad sandwich, and that is relegated to toasting the bread, BUT, I see all the mods that come out of this forum for FREE; all of which could command money in a professional setting, and they're just given away.


This is the least I could do. I love my flight sims, know how hard it is to keep up with the tech changes, and how expensive it can get. Since I'm not going to use the cards anyway, why not let someone else in the community get as much out of the game as I have? I'm even teaching my teenage daughter to fly. (She is a serious fan of the gun in the A-10)


And anyway, how often do you get to do something good for someone else?


And before I forget......Growler67 & Silverbolt, your boxes went out this morning.

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PM sent Nightshade, what are u giving up now? I will gladly help.

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s fast as you guys were, FC was faster still.


As I go through the stuff, anything usable I will gladly offer up.

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