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  1. When all other forms of "High Explosive Diplomacy" have not achieved or otherwise received the desired results........
  2. Tweet This "Go do, that Voodoo that you do, so well"
  3. Not an issue. I have that Mod installed, and it runs fine.
  4. I run Windows 10 on a custom built gaming system and it works fine. The only thing I can think of that I did was look at how Win 10 was structured as a file system; copy my entire SF program from my old system into the "Program Files (x86)" area of my new system, copied all my mod folders in the "users" tab, adjusted my icons to read from there, and have had no hiccups. There are some things that Windows 10 does that are a little "odd" to me (personal tastes), but it runs my SF, & DCS sims like a champ.
  5. I was on my way to bomb a warehouse in Libya. It's a nice day, no SAMs are out, no Migs in the area, the jazz was bumping, and I was eating a Turkey sandwich on rye..... My escorts had the situation in hand below the cloud cover...... Until I heard "Sam Launch", and approximately 5 seconds later, an SA-11 blew me, my jazz, and my sandwich, all to flinders..........
  6. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to "Blow $h&t Up" with a Canberra. Until people try and shoot you to pieces.
  7. It'[s all just a Mirage..........with a Viper in their midst
  8. Egressing with my escorts, I never saw the site that fired this shot....But it was definitely a motivational tool to speed up on getting outta dodge.
  9. While I DO love me some Mirages, the A-6 is still a blast to fly
  10. I got my butt resoundingly whupped on this CAS mission..............
  11. I pulled these from http://www.airliners.net/. Hope they help
  12. It's a beast to fly.......But using BIG stand-off weapons, it's lethal

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