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  1. Air Strike (Bruce Willis)

    This was....interesting. https://www.sfgate.com/news/crime/article/Release-of-film-featuring-fallen-Chinese-13313745.php
  2. Of COURSE there are SAM's between me and the target.....SA-2's & 3's. A person could get hurt out here..........
  3. Mali Armed Recon...and found a line of fuel trucks
  4. I still love to have the music playing when I fly. The damnedest thing: just as i let go with these, "Rock the Casbah" came up. It was GREAT!!!
  5. Aviation Ration SEEK/SERE + Pilot MRE Reviews.

    I KNOW the subject is a serious one, but...............................I couldn't help it...........
  6. Then they will be truly unhappy with me after this shot of a Galaxy Barbecue!!!!
  7. If it's not asking for too much, I'd like a copy of it as well, please.
  8. Market Garden anniversary

    It's in my Top 5: 1) Letters From Iwo Jima 2) Tora, Tora, Tora 3) Passchendaele 4) A Bridge Too Far 5) Enemy At The Gates
  9. The Eternal Zero

    And I'm pretty sure this is the original that the new Bruce Willis movies is based on...
  10. Air Strike (Bruce Willis)

    I'll give it a shot just for the flying scenes, but we'll see how well it plays on the US. There's not a lot of interest in years of the Sino-Japanese conflict before it became a full-on global war, so I'm guessing while there will be some interest, I think it'll be relegated to us enthusiasts, history buffs, and the simply curious.
  11. The Eternal Zero

    This is one that I think is well worth watching
  12. Last checks for a photo run over Iceland For a big plane, it handles quite nicely... Time to shoot the photos...... Got what we needed: back to the boat for analysis

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