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  1. Lined up, Flaps down, Gear out..........Screw it........suck it all in and blow down the runway at 100% mil power. Also, I do enjoy the Angola Terrain. It gives such a sense of.....emptiness. And yes, there is a Mirage F-1 in the shot.
  2. There's always something to go blow up.................
  3. What's a day in the North Atlantic without rain?
  4. 2 low passes and the result of your wingman dropping a 500lb bomb on the targets you were going after.
  5. GTs First Eagles

  6. img00007.jpg

    I can imagine the sound it makes in the valley
  7. img00001.jpg

    Shots like this make me want to try the game: It's outstanding
  8. Playboys over a really big ocean................
  9. I always find Recon missions to be challenging. It's fun to try and sneak into the area and cover the target without being spotted when using a platform not normally designed for it. Getting out is even more challenging.
  10. Army Air Force Rivalry

    That is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. The Few..The Proud..The Marines..
  12. So, I decided to go ship-hunting with my French lunchbox. Never mind that it sounds like a weed-eater, is slower than a fart in a staff meeting, and is generally a suicide mission for anything that finds it. But it has the advantage of being GREAT in a low=level turning fight, and put 3 migs in the water trying to catch us. Results??? 4 dead Sampans, 3 Mig-21 Mongols in the water, a boatload of SAM misses, ran out of gas on FINAL, and a heck of a lot of fun.
  13. Feeling Blue................

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