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  1. Canadian Special Weapons Delivery. I let my wingman drop on the target while I watched. 2 Walleyes and a B61 did the job quite well.
  2. Heavy Metal....French Style
  3. Rafales in 2018, on a runway denial mission over the Timor terrain in inclement weather. There were a pair of Australian F-111's, a flight of F-15c's, a flight of F-16's, and some RAAF F-18's all flying in the same area on different taskings. I still have no idea of who nuked the base in the distance as I was going by.
  4. It'll be dark by the time we get home.............
  5. You know when after a lot of flying time, you finally get that PERFECT screenshot? Well, this ain't that shot, but it was fun to see what they were doing back there
  6. Ahhhhhhhhh, Swedish waters in 1952, and time to go on an anti-shipping patrol The run-in was contested...as was the run out... And home again
  7. Korea, 1952...The bridge went down, but coming off target, the gunners were wide awake
  8. There's this one that I use....
  9. The Demon is well named...especially on approach to the carrier. It wasn't pretty, but any landing you can walk away from...
  10. And these guys really need to look back.............

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