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Free stuff thread

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Was thining it would be nice to have a thread where pilots needing stuff,,,or pilots having stuff they are willing to give away to memebers of the community could post.


Grumpybear was nice enought to send me that video card, and i sent 3 boxes of stuff to stumpjumper....


I got a ton of ethernet cards here (mostly linksys) that are available to anyone willing to cover the cost of shipping,,,,also have quite a few soundblasterlive pci cards...and some 80gig ata hard drives...and a slew of white cdrws and dvd drives (dont know if shipping would be worth it on one of these..) and i get stuff in all the time, so could earmark anything that someone requested..


Think it anything posted should be limited to game/computer related items..


Pilots would natrually have to be realistic about requests,,,,,ie.."I need a gtx280 video card" wont cut it...


I suppose if someone had a highticket itme they wanted to make available cheap, that would be ok too,,,not sure if the devs want to see the forum go this direction or not...

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