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What ever happened to Kesselbrut (and updated Falkland 1982)?

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Anyone know if Kesselbrut is still around and if the '08 patch or SF2 version of the Falkland 1982 mod is still in the works? It was said in the Falkland 1982 readme that a version was in the works to be compatible with the later patch, but it's been over a year since then and since Kesselbrut posted last.


It is probably my favorite TW mod so far, and I'd love to be able to get it into SF2!

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Alright, alright...


That looks AMAZING!!!


But I don't speak spanish... Is there any sort of timeframe for release posted on there? Is it for SF2?

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may have the departure date for the end of this year.


But note that all models are creating static and mapping.

with its model destroyed.


and are only two people that are creating and painting.



In addition to the map which includes South America.





Airplanes and helicopters.





Boeing 707-300 (in evaluation)

A-4B Skyhawk

A-4C Skyhawk

A-4Q Skyhawk (two versions)

Alouette III

Sikorsky S-61D Sea King (Armada Argentina)

Westland Sea Lynx (Armada Argentina)

Bandeirante EMB 111-A Patrulha


C-130H Hercules

Canberra Mk62

Cessna Citation I

IAI Dagger

Boeing Vertol Chinook (Versions Army and Air Force Argentina Argentino)

SA-330L Puma (Argentine Army)

Lockheed Electra L-188

Focker F-27 Friendship

Focker F-28 Fellowship (versions Navy and Air Force Argentina Argentina)

Gazelle helicopter

Harrier Gr.3

Agusta A-109A Hirundo

IA-58 Pucara

King Air 200

Learjet LR-35A

Learjet LR-35F

Aermacchi MB-339A

Turbo Mentor

Mirage IIIEA

SP-2H Neptune

Puma SA 330-L (Argentina Coast Guard)

Boeing Vertol Chinook HC.1 (in evaluation)

Westland Sea King HAR. Mk 4

Lynx HAS.Mk2

Sea King HAS.5 FRS.1

Scout AH.Mk1

Sea Harrier FRS1 (Two versions)

Short SC-7 Skyvan

Super Etendard

S-2F Tracker

DHC-6 Twin Otter

Bell UH-1H (Ejercito Argentino)

Wasp HAS.Mk1

Wessex HAS.Mk5



The air bases are set up so far:


BAM Malvinas

BAM Condor

Calderón Auxiliary Airfield

Aluminum ramp used by the British aviation

BAM Trelew

BAM Comodoro Rivadavia

BAM Santa Cruz

BAM San Julián

BAM Rio Gallegos

BAM Rio Grande

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