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A quick thank you

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Hi all,


I'd just like to post a thank you to Sitting Duck who spent some time with me late yesterday evening (BST, that is) helping me to configure Teamspeak and my new Tesco 5 quid mic/headphones. Turned out to be unfinished business, but it certainly wasn't for want of trying on SD's part - more ignorance and bewilderment on my part! I'll try again on Saturday to get it sorted (busy tonight doing board games/eating/drinking!), then it's chocks away for some MP stuff, so you can all take turns at blasting me out of the sky...


A final apology to those on Teamspeak last night: I logged in with my external speakers on, and could distinctly hear you damn'd colonials chatting away in that strange patois of yours, however I think I was probably the cause of the echo/feedback that was subsequently mentioned. My bad, as I believe you chaps say, and I'll be properly sorted soon.




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lol..my pleasure src...but i would never had put the src and themightsrc together.......


Whenever you are ready to give it a try,,let me know..


and,,,i dont think it was your speakers that gave us the echo......could be wrong,,but i think its another setting...

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Hi SD,


Just a quick update on the above. You remember I said that I thought my wunnerful £5.83p at Tesco 'value' headphones and mic might not be ideal? Well, I went and bought a proper logitech USB phones/mic set, and, lo and behold, it works a treat - once a few kindly souls from Sunday night's beano had taught me how to 'push to speak'.


Memo to all: avoid Tesco 'value' products like the plague. Except the 'value' kidney beans which are rather nice.

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