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Newbies - use the "review" function

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Just did a review of my last mission, to check, what had really happened.

Northeast of Arras, our flight2 (4 Albatros DIII) where jumped at by 5 Tripes.

We took on the fight, but short after, 4 more Tripes appeared.

I could really not care about opponents crashing, after I'd hit them - I tried to hit everyone

a bit, to help my wingmates. But after some minutes, there was only wingman 3 left near me.

I helped him by shooting one Tripe at fire, and off his tail. He in reverse, fired at another,

attacking me from behind. But whilst I chased a new Tripe, two others shot him down.


I thought to have downed 3 Tripes, before my ammo was out; and my claim was for 3 craft.

Now I wanted to know - I had REALLY got 4 of them down.

I also found out: my average rounds per burst count 45. I found it useful to know.


Oh, and by the way: I had to make an emergency landing on the road Arras - Douai.

Felt pretty realistic - such landings happened often.

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