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B-66B SF2x

The B-66B was developed strictly as a tactical bomber and was the last bomber of this type procured by the USAF. The -B model was based on the RB-66A which was in turn adapted from the US Navy A3D Skywarrior. The B-66B made its first flight on 4 January 1955, about 6 months after the initial flight of the RB-66A. The USAF received its first production aircraft in March 1956 and deliveries continued into 1958.


The B-66B was the first USAF bomber designed with in-flight refueling (IFR) capability, although many (numerically) earlier bombers were fitted with IFR equipment as a retrofit modification or on later models in the development cycle.


A total of 62 B-66B bombers were built. Many -B models were converted to electronic warfare aircraft after their usefulness as bombers was complete. Many of these aircraft, designated as EB-66B or EB-66E, served in Sotheast Asia during the Vietnam war.


All credits above Bunyap :good:


Skins included with the aircraft:



84th Bomb Squadron, 47th Bomb Wing ? 1960

85th Bomb Squadron, 47th Bomb Wing - 1960

86th Bomb Squadron, 47th Bomb Wing - 1960


Note: Skins are all high res made by me


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