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  1. Douglas EB-66C Destroyer (Ver 2)

    Douglas EB-66C Destroyer Update Pak  (Ver.2)                          8/16/2019
    = For SF2, Any & All =
    This is an update/upgrade/Remod of my 2013 pack. This is considered to be "version 2.0" of the EB-66C Destroyer ELINT/Escort Jammer aircraft. It it designed to replace, in total the earlier package from August 2013. If you have the original pack, you are instructed to delete it completly (aircraft, decals, and all), as this one has some major imporvements.
    This remod pack contains 2 skins:
    41st TEWS, 355th TFW, PACAF, Takhli RTAFB, mid-60s thru 1974-ish (RC tail code)
    39th TEWS, 36th TFW, USAFE, Spangdahelm AB 1969-73 (JN tail code)
    Both are new, and are (hopefully!) in the correct SEA 3-tone camoflague colors. 
    All NEW replacement serial number decals were created. Both skins use a pool of 36 100% historical serial numbers. As only 36 of these aircraft were built (in one block of 30 and a second of 6) it was a easy job. While totaly accurate in nature, the 36 numbers are not representative of individual aircraft of any unit or squadrons that used the EB-66C (other than by random happenstance). Decal randomization is TRUE.
    As with the other B-66 mods, a heavily edited cockpit designed to 'fit' within the existing canopy framing is included. Avionics have been upgraded with new jammers, chaff dispensers, and so forth. This aircraft carries =NO= offensive weapons, or defensive guns. FLY ACCORDINGLY!!! A small modification to the data ini also allows for carrying external jammer pods & chaff dispensers in place of the drop tanks.
    As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. Please read them! See "Change Log" in the Notes section for a full-ish list of what's been, well, changed!
    Happy SAM Dodging!!
    Kevin Stein


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  2. SF2 Douglas RB-66C & WB-66D Destroyer Update Pak

    Douglas RB-66C & WB-66D Destroyer Update Pak                      8/12/2019
    = For SF2, Any & All =
    This package contains 2 of Bunyap's 1stGen aircraft brought up to a more SF2-ish
    standard. Also, they seemed to be missing from the SF2 downloads, and I thought
    it was time to bring them back. They are the:
    RB-66C Destroyer (Recon & ELINT) aircraft
    WB-66D Destroyer (Weather Recon, ELINT) aircraft
    The units/skins provided herein are:
    42nd TRS, 10th TRW (USAFE)
    19th TRS, 66th TRW (USAFE)
    9th TRS, 363rd TRW (ConUS+)
    All markings are decals, excepting the 42nd tailfin flash. All serial and buzz
    number decals (30 for the RB & 36 for the WB) are 100% historicaly correct. They
    represent the full production runs for =BOTH= aircraft. The 2 skins for the RB
    use the same pool of decals. A new Hi-Rez replacement skins were created from
    HGBN's templates. The skins are in jpg format. As with the B-66 and EB-66, a
    highly modified cockpit is supplied to 'fit' within the visible model.
    As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are
    included. Please read them! See "change List" in Notes for what's been
    Happy Landings!
    Kevin Stein


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  3. B-66B SF2x

    The B-66B was developed strictly as a tactical bomber and was the last bomber of this type procured by the USAF. The -B model was based on the RB-66A which was in turn adapted from the US Navy A3D Skywarrior. The B-66B made its first flight on 4 January 1955, about 6 months after the initial flight of the RB-66A. The USAF received its first production aircraft in March 1956 and deliveries continued into 1958.
    The B-66B was the first USAF bomber designed with in-flight refueling (IFR) capability, although many (numerically) earlier bombers were fitted with IFR equipment as a retrofit modification or on later models in the development cycle.
    A total of 62 B-66B bombers were built. Many -B models were converted to electronic warfare aircraft after their usefulness as bombers was complete. Many of these aircraft, designated as EB-66B or EB-66E, served in Sotheast Asia during the Vietnam war.
    All credits above Bunyap
    Skins included with the aircraft:
    84th Bomb Squadron, 47th Bomb Wing ? 1960
    85th Bomb Squadron, 47th Bomb Wing - 1960
    86th Bomb Squadron, 47th Bomb Wing - 1960
    Note: Skins are all high res made by me


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