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Something fun to try

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As I'm sure you know, there are six "hand signals" that you can communicate to your wingmen while flying:

  • Reply Affirmative
  • Reply Negative
  • Wingmen Attack
  • Wingmen Rejoin
  • Wingmen Help
  • Wingmen Split

Just for fun, I decided to implement these as actual spoken commands. Now, while flying, I can simply call out verbally "Help" and my hapless wingmen will wander over and try to help undo the mess I've gotten myself into on the deck against a dozen Dr.Is.


Well, it wasn't much work actually since I've been using this software called Game Commander 2 for a very long time and has since gone out of business and thus (see the hyperlink) can be found for free.


In Lockon (I know, I know, a jet game!), I've been using it to do very immersive things like "Tower, request permission to taxi" and the like. Since I already have a microphone (which is primarily used to house my TrackIR "antlers") building a GC2 profile for OFF was a piece of cake and finally gives me a use for the microphone in OFF.


I know it's not realistic to talk to my wingmen in WWI using a "radio" but since I have this TAC "radar" on the screen already, well, why not.


Just thought you might enjoy yet another peek into the HomeBoy Laboratory. :crazy:

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This sounds really interesting to me. There you go again with interesting and useful things for our simming, thanks Homeboy. I will investigate.

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