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Fortiesboys' Hardcore Damage Model

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If you haven't already done so, I strongly suggest you try out Fortiesboys' damage model in campaigns. The rate of structural failures and visible damage is markedly higher than our existing damage model (though not excessive) and it is an adjustment of our existing hardcore damage model.


I suggest if it is well received by the majority that we adopt it as the standard in MP.




Vasco :pilotfly:

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......Im assuming we are talking about the ver2.0 patch....


Nope, were talking about Fortiesboys' ver 1.0 DM for campaign different from Herr Prop-Wasche's DM for campaign ver 2.0


I've just used this all day today in my Jasta2 campaign and I like it. I don't see the wings coming off quite so often as Herr Prop-Wasche's version but they still fly off quite often. I've used both the standard and strong gun models and this is usable with both

although the strong guns setting is clearly overkill. Use the strongest gun settings and it's "wings off" or "flamers" each and every time.


I'd like to test this in multiplayer missions, and some multiplayer dogfight testing as well, to see if this is suitable for online play.

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