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Canberra B (I) mk6

Canberra B.(I) mk6 (RAF) for the "Strike Fighters 2" Series

by Ahmed Junaid Raza

B.2 Cockpit with bombardier view by Daniel "Kesselbrut" Himmel


RAF1 skin by Michael (Mike1) Riddell


Special thanks to "Spinners" for tweaking the 3D model to be more like the real Canberra!



Updated for SF 2 series by MigBuster and Spinners (July 2009)


Temp gunpack by Wrench (July09)


The B(I).mk6 was an interim interdictor version of the B.mk6 having the same engines and fuel load of the B.mk6 but was fitted with 2 under wing pylons for stores and could now carry a Hispano 4 x 20mm gun pack which could be fitted to the rear bomb bay.

This version was superceded by the B(I).mk8 variant.


Engines : Two RR Avon 109 Turbojets

Thrust : 7,500lbs static thrust each

Speed : 620mph

Service Ceiling : 45-50,000ft

Range : 3,000 miles (with tip tanks)

Armament :

Up to 10,000LBs in the bomb bays

2 x 1,000lb bombs or rockets (on 2 single wing pylons)

1 x Hispano mkV 20mm gunpack could be fitted to rear of bomb bay

16 x Flares in front bomb bay



Read the install instuctions for any issues, controls etc!!










Released under Freeware Licensing only: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showt...t=0&start=0


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