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Ernst Udet's DR1? (for quack74)

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Not a problem :good: . just give me a couple of days to post it.


It's been argued that this plane, when taken over by Udet, had its stripes painted over in red and light blue. The black and white was Kirchstein's colors. So I will do both, black and white with the "LO" and the red and light blue with the "LO". I'm also going to post a Jasta 4 Dr.1 with the same light blue on the nose, wheels and struts. So Udets plane will have someone to fly with :yes: .

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Thanks for the quick reply! :good:


Yeah... I noticed the similarities between them.


BTW, Kirchstein has shooted me just a few minutes ago :wink:


I encountered a squadron with Manfred, Lothar, Voss and Kirchstein.


I managed to kill Manfred and Lothar, but Kirchstein kicked me out.


Peter01's FM are really good. Those aces were really deadly (even in easy skill)


BTW, How does work the ace's data in the campaing mode???


I think the RANK value is the skill of the ace... Am i wrong???



KnownAce[03].RankID=4 -------------------->Is this the skill of the ace??





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I'll post these tomorrow. Two versions and a generic Jasta 4.



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