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AMX-1 for SF2

AMX-1 for SF2


This is Rafaels' AMX 2.0 and Miraclemans' AMX Nations Kit with updated file setup for SF2. It has been updated to SF2 file structure based on their work. The Nations Kit makes two seperate aircraft for the two nations flying the AMX, Italy and Brazil. I moved the three skins to the appropriate nation folders, so the Brazil skin is only used for the Brazilian AMX and the Italian skins for the Italian AMx and so forth. Only one skin uses a non-stock decal and that has had the proper folder added. I have also added the proper gun(s) and missile for each aircraft, 2 x 30mm and the MAA-1 Pirahna IRM for the Brazilian plane and a single 20mm vulcan for the Italian plane. The vector RWR has also been added to both planes.

I have re-done the hangar and loading screens to match the aircraft and its national air force; the AMI for the Italians and the FAB for the Brazilians. A userlist.ini has been added also.

Finally, both planes have chaff and flares added. There was little info on these components location and number but I found one photo of an AMX launching flares, one comment on a single website that mentioned 4 launchers, and another website comment that the flare loadout was 15 each launcher which I assume also applies to the chaff launchers. So I used that info to add what hopefully is a close approximation of the AMX chaff/flare capability. Hence, 4 launchers with 15 shots each for a total of 30 flares and 30 chaff.

Any errors in all this is un-intentional. Please let me know of any problems or needed corrections. Keep in mind this is freeware made by your community for your use. You use it at your own risk. It is un-supported by TK and Thirdwire productions and is released under the CombatAce freeware licensing agreement. Do not use in any kind of payware without express permission from the owners of these files, namely Rafael and Miracleman.




Base Model By Rafael Rodrigues

v2 AMX 3dMax Tweaks by Swede

v2 AMX Data updates by USAFMTL and Column 5

AMX Nations v2.2 by Miracleman

SF2 updates pcpilot



To install, Just simply open the zip file and copy paste into your SF2 mods folder. It will use the stock pilot and A-4 cockpit in the game. Weapons and drop tanks are all working to my knowledge. It flies well in-game so have fun.


God bless, pcpilot


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nice plane!


seems a bit oversensitive on the controls. Did you tweak the FM for SF2?

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