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Broadside uda Barn

21 plane furball and fps

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The sky was angry this day, my friends!

I counted 21 planes in the air over the front.

It was a troop strafing mission, and while we were doing that, 2 jastas and a squad of spad VIIs joined our camels. Wow! So many planes. Got shot up by an ace and had to land in no man's land.

It was great :biggrin:


My fps went to the cellar tho. I've been mixing up my settings again, trying to get rid of the white triangles , anyway, FPS went down to about 24-18 for the duration.

I've been getting 30-40 fps with max settings.


3 questions:


How many planes have you seen at any one time in a dogfight?


How do you do with FPS in these situation?


White triangles:

(I only get them when quickly turning to see my 6 with trackIR, and only when I'm facing up, so the back of me is facing the ground, with more texture to render. And then only for a split second as it then renders the scenery, then all is fine).

Anyone NOT get them in this situation?

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Well, I have those zags, but no wonder with an ATI RADEON X1900.

You shouldn't have them, I'd say.

Make sure there are no programs running in the background; switch of Internet security,

run sim on HIGHEST possible resolution.

Perhaps worth a try: adjust TrackIR to a less aggressive "yaw".

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BuB, I am running an XP Pro 64-bit OS on a Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0ghz Wolfdale CPU, with 8gb DDR2 PC2-6400 800mhz memory, and a Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512mb card. I have the CPU overclocked to 3.8ghz and the memory sticks OC'd to 890mhz. The only time I get the white jaggies is when I am running FRAPS to capture a video. Otherwise I have smooth, clear views throughout my flights and fps up around 40-45, even in a massive furball over the front with AA everywhere. Sliders are set at 5-3-3-5-5. Hope this info is helpful Sir.





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I switched to your slider settings, and am getting 50 - 60 solid FPS, down and dirty near the ground in a dogfight I get in the 40s. Rare jaggies with TrackIR now.

Turning the scenery detail down was huge.


Can you tell me what the settings are in your nvidia control panel?


Thanks for the help!

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