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Waldemar Kurtz

round counter debriefing

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I flew a recon patrol in the Roland C.II. I orbited over the target for 20 minutes as the mission directives required. afterwards I saw a trio of FE2b and gave chase. I was specifically told that "mission objectives complete" so I figured I'd be okay to launch an attack on something. so I follow them. 30 minutes later I've shot down all three of these enemy machines. two of which went down in grisly flames. the only thing that slowed down the fiery carnage is that one of the Fees shot me up badly enough to disable my machine gun. so then I switched over and used the observer's station to attack them. I easily expended 1300 rounds of ammo on these three machines--but when I got home the debriefing said I had only fired "2 bullets". which doesn't make any sense! granted, I did fire two bullets BEFORE my mission objective was completed. but I didn't think that the game would be so single-minded as to ignore the other 1200 or more bullets fired after the mission objectives were accomplished!


I had no witnesses to these three victories--so even though they fell well behind German lines I can't really complain about not getting a claim form-- I wouldn't have gotten one either way. but I wanted to confirm whether or not completing your primary mission objectives will allow the game to ignore anything that happens afterwards. it means that risking your life after accomplishing the primary mission objective isn't worth the trouble.


but catching enemy two-seaters completely off-guard is different. ;)



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I guess this is old news, but I'd never encountered this situation before. so I decided to test out my theory. I shot down two aircraft on my next sortie. one FE2b was sent down in flames while the recon patrol was in effect. I then loited until the "mission objective complete" and then went hunting for another victory. I then found another Fee and sent it down in flames with about 200 rounds of ammo. the mission debrief and the pilot's stats only registered the 301 bullets fired BEFORE the mission objective was finished. within two missions I've shot down 5 enemy machines in flames, but since only one of them was within the time-frame of the primary mission objective, only one of them was granted a claim form.


additionally, on the second sortie the logbook only registered 30 minutes of flight time. this is quite contrary to the mission debrief of 73 minutes!

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